Why don’t you speak for yourself, John?

      As you history buffs may recall, that was the question posed by Pricilla Mullins to John Alden, who’d been asked by his newly widowed friend, Captain Myles Standish. to propose to her on his behalf. (All three of whom were among the Pilgrims that first came here aboard the Mayflower and took up roots in the Plymouth colony.)

      It turned out, he soon renewed his visit; and it was not long before their nuptials were celebrated, much to the chagrin of Captain Standish.

      Apparently they were a very containable couple, with her bearing 11 children and in helping him rise to a position of prominence in the community.

     Today, she’s considered to be one of the most important women in American history, who was immortalized by the poet Henry Wadsworth in his narrative poem, The Courtship of Myles Standish.

     As you may have guessed, bringing up that historical event was my roundabout way of alluding to the vexing question being asked by both the media and John Q.Public as to why the commissioners found it necessary to hire an intermediary between them and the media.

      And what makes it even harder to understand, is why, after their having earlier abolished the existing PR position as a cost-cutting measure, they’ve now hired an outsider, who they’re paying much more per month ($6,OOO) for performing the same role as the employee they shoved out the door?

      I find it almost as laughable, as it would be my getting remarried just to have someone to answer my phone calls and e-mails for me-which I can’t afford to have at this late stage of my life.

      Their reasons for flip-flopping in that short time span are, of course, as transparent as a fox’s intentions in entering a chicken house.

      And not because they felt inadequate in articulating their positions in their dealings with the media, or that it was taking up too much of their time; but rather as a concession to Rothschild’s urging the other members to hire his crony, named James Simpson, for a 3-month period, which all but Haven Shoemaker agreed to, most likely to shut him up.

      Who is this man, who doesn’t reside here and what are his credentials for filling that position as the Board’s “spin doctor’ (other than that of RR’s alter ego)?

      Well, on the plus side, he’s a renown writer for ultra-conservative publications-whose writings concentrate in large part in exposing what he and RR view as the ominous threat to our democratic form of government and our sacred Constitutional  rights, posed by that diabolical UN’s Agenda 21.

     That was no doubt inadvertently given that number associated with playing the risky game of Blackjack, where the odds are stacked against the players.

      And he apparently has creative talents by previously making a living selling decorative coffee mugs he’ designed, as well as having entrepreneurial abilities as the owner and sole employee of a company called Grace LLC known as a “media consultancy business,” which by sheer coincidence(?) was formed just nine days before the Board gave him that contract. 

      And here I thought no one could match RR in his extremists views, who allegedly refuses to wear a left shoe, except in the privacy of his home; and who places the concealed weapon he carries throughout the day under his pillow.

      There’s nothing else I can say about that abominable turn of events that hasn’t already been said by more skillful writers, other than it’s a sad day when Carroll’s governing body shrink to the level of making like a ventriloquist by having a dummy speak for them, a la Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mc Carthy on the old-time radio shows. 

      Quote of the week: “Cronyism is the practice of favoring one’s friends, especially in political appointments.”  Dictionary definition of.

      PS: For those of you who are not familiar with the term “spin doctor,” it’s someone  who, shall we say, tries to puts a favorale spin and sugar-coat something stupid or revolting a politician has said-often with little concern for its truth.




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